1409 Mchenry Street

Baltimore, MD 21223


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide cutting edge security solutions to .Mil, .Gov. and .Com organizations.

OUR Motto:

"Without Passion there can be no Positive Results"  Shawn Newman

We at NSG believe in what we are doing and are passionate about our deliverables. We know practice the philosophy that you must learn from others to truly deliver quality work.

About US:

Newman Security Group LLC is a Minority owned company with a headquartered in Washington/ Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in all forms of Security from Cyber Security, Intel Operations, Device Integration,
Forensics, Certification and Accreditation. Security in today’s world daily faces complex challenges and unique opportunities. These challenges are even more visible and enhanced in the cyberspace. With information and information technology assets distributed over a wide-ranging enterprise and with, diverse partners actively participating in the agencies’ mission. The challenges that organizations face when it comes to Information Assurance is to unify all the systems so that they meet the all mission needs. To enable a secure access to information over the entire range of users. To anticipate and prevent attacks on enterprise. To operate through cyber degradation NSG LLC. understands these challenges faced by the federal government and the corporate communities. NSG LLC. is well aware of the challenges that are present when updating an enterprise to be up to industry standards in compliance. NSG LLC., has from its experience has a clear view of the security protocols that is required to be implemented to prevent enterprise vulnerability. NSG LLC. has a dedicated team to deal with issues arising in the domain of Information Assurance & Support. We have built a mini practice, which takes care of information assurance issue by tackling the issues head on with Subject Matter Experts with different backgrounds and specialties. 

As of September 26th 2013 Mr. Newman our founder was granted provisional membership into the Who's Who of the Information Security Sector. Congratulations Mr. Newman!